The Track

We were very pleased to get the contract to design and build a 2-mile gallop track for a well-known equestrian family.

Set in the rolling hills of Dorset, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, we had many requirements to meet without any compromise.

Photo: The finished track perfectly blended into the lanscape

The original cut of the track

Firstly, and primarily, it had to be useable 365 days a year for many applications.

It had to be smooth enough, with no adverse camber, for two heavy horses pulling a carriage, plus enable the daily exercise and training of all the client’s other horses as well.

Finally, it was also designed for daily dog walking, without our client returning home with wet, muddy feet.

Installing Drainage
Installing Drainage

Installing the high quality recyled plastic grids to make sure the track stays put with heavy use

Casing the unique, near-maintenance free surface is one of the last steps

The track had to be constructed in a way that had no adverse effect on the daily running of the hill farm and be able to withstand sheep, cattle and tractors too.